I joined BYA in 2005 and cannot begin to describe the impact that the organization has had on my life. From high school to college to grad school and now professionally... Mr. Dean and this organization have provided me with so much support over the years. The values instilled in you (work ethic and discipline, to name a few) are values you can carry throughout life. I am beyond thankful for BYA.

Samantha Tinka

Tracy Cromwell

The Baltimore Youth Alliance, Inc. (BYA) has truly shaped my life and made me the successful woman I am today. Through BYA, I was able to become high school valedictorian, obtain an excellent SAT score, be eligible to attend the college of my choice, and get full scholarships to Morgan State University and The University of MD College Park. BYA also prepared me for graduate school at Johns Hopkins University as well as honed my job interviewing skills. 

BYA is everything to me - my lifeline and my family. I LOVE BYA.

'Preparation to compete with the best minds in the world.' The thought of being one of the best in the world drew me to BYA and that thought is what helped me continue my deep relationship with the organization.  The doors that have opened for me from high school to my doctoral program and  business endeavors are a direct result of my education, training, and support from BYA.

Courtney Williamson

Donovan Riley

The Baltimore Youth Alliance, Inc. was the educational foundation I needed to prepare me for college. I am greatly appreciative of the support and encouragement I received from my BYA family.

The single most influential organization and mentor in my life were BYA and Mr. Thomas Dean. When I joined the program, I only expected to get a little boost in what I had been told was already a great SAT score. When Mr. Dean met me, he knew I was capable of, and would need more, to reach my full potential. Mr. Dean taught me, mentored me, developed me and has become family to me, along with all the other students and supporters of BYA. Even after completing a Bachelor’s degree, an MBA from a top 20 program, and an Ivy League Master’s Degree, I still lean on the mentorship and guidance of Mr. Dean. I know of no other organization who can see a student for who he/she is, see who they can become, and relentlessly fill that gap. I am forever grateful for BYA and Mr. Dean.

Tuesday Baptiste

BYA lessened the weight of having to pay for school so I could focus on advancing myself in a career I've wanted since I was 9. Along with being one of the only black women in the field, I look forward to using my background in Integration and test engineering to inspire other black girls interested in the sciences. Thank you, BYA!

Ariel Bowers

Good afternoon - BYA was one of the best investments I made for my son. He began attending BYA in the  summer of  the 8th grade which was simultaneous to his emergence as a high profile athlete in the Baltimore area.  During his high school career his academic achievements mirrored his athletic success resulting in scholarship offers form not only high powered athletic institutions but also from the nation's leading academic schools, ie Notre Dame, Duke, Wake Forest.   His academic abilities were never questioned and his BYA experience helped him to become the ultimate dual threat of a scholar athlete as evidenced by his all conference honor role achievements during his freshmen year.

Lawrence Cager

Father of Lawrence Cager, III

Ms. Jawauna Greene

Mother of Morgan and Michael Greene

BYA provided a transformational educational experience for both my children. The academic coaching and life skills planning helped support the foundation for their collegiate successes! It was a great feeling having both children receive full academic scholarships for college.... 

The Baltimore Youth Alliance directly impacted my direction in life. I can't imagine where I would be without this program. As the first BYA student, my first official SAT score was 640. Because of BYA, my score improved by 500 points. I earned and maintained a full academic scholarship to both undergraduate and graduate school. I now work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This program was a godsend! 

Emmanuel Withers

Nic Edwards

Before BYA I was a mediocre student with unrealized potential. With BYA’s support, I was able to raise my SAT score from 1540 to 1980, obtain Morgan State University’s highest academic scholarship, finish undergrad in 3 years and finish in the top 5 of my class. Additionally, BYA students and alumni that I have met through the program have helped me excel in my career. BYA will forever be an inflection in my life.

T. Rowe Price

I joined BYA in my Junior year of high school and immediately saw great improvements in my grades and test scores. BYA helped me prepare for the SAT and obtain full scholarships to both Morgan State University and Carnegie Mellon University, for my undergraduate and graduate degrees, respectively. I am a current PhD candidate and happy to have BYA as a dependable resource as I begin my job search.

Corey Harper

The Baltimore Youth Alliance, Inc. helped me to realize and reach my full potential through academic excellence. I am forever grateful!

Jocelyn Hordge

I joined BYA my sophomore year in High School. Through BYA, I earned a high SAT score to receive full tuition paid scholarships to attend different colleges. I graduated from Morgan with my B.S. in Electrical Engineering and now have a full time job with the Accenture Corporation.

Michael Greene

"Mr. Cool"

BYA kept me on track throughout my matriculation at Morgan. It connected me to people with like minds and goals. Without these people, I would not be nearly as successful as I am today. Thanks Mr. Dean!

Ciara Lynton

Thanks to BYA, I have achieved a greatness that I could not have imagined. I got almost a full scholarship ($83,000 per year) to New York University, have traveled the world for free, and am now living in New York City pursuing a career in acting; a passion I've had since I was 12 years old. Thank you, BYA, for making my dreams come true.

Alana Bowers

Morgan Greene

BYA is one of the best experiences I have had in my life. BYA helps students like me to succeed by fostering a resilient work ethic and exposing us to black success on multiple levels. BYA helped put me on the path of accomplishing my goal of obtaining my MD/PhD.

The Baltimore Youth Alliance, Inc. was the best academic investment for my children (Donovan & Kennedi). BYA didn't just prepare them for the SAT, BYA also prepared with the tools necessary to achieve academic goals during higher learning education. "Highly Recommended" "Baltimore's Best Kept Secret”

Reginald Riley

Father of Donovan and Kennedi Riley

Kaylin Moody

Mr. Dean and the BYA teachers were relentless.   They seemed more concerned for me than I was for myself.   I have learned that hard work really does yield unbelievable success.  I was able to earn a college degree at Morgan State at no cost.  I am now earning a Masters and PhD Degree at Johns Hopkins University in Electrical Engineering at NO COST!!!  Thank You BYA.  Thanks.